POSH&PEPPER is not only the exclusive platform for the well-known, new and upcoming jewelry brands. It is also a movement driven by this blooming and promising youth from every corner to promote self-expression, mental well-being, while accelerating our artists. Those are our THREE key pillars to bring about real impact in the communities we operate in.


By promoting individuality, POSH&PEPPER’s Express No Matter What campaign wants to inspire our youth everywhere to be true to who they are and to embrace their singularity as well as their flaws. We believe jewelry is the best way to do that. By opening up the dialogue about self-expression we encourage our customers to use their jewelry to show who they are and share that with the world.

Express No Matter What, In action

Taking the expression "wear your heart on your sleeve" to the next level with jewelry that is the epitome of self-expression.

Campaign concept: In a world that deeply relies on symbology, the jewels you adorn on your body serve as a way to communicate your mind, feelings, and values.

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A negative body image can put you at higher risk of certain mental health conditions, such as eating disorders and depression.
However, this quest of aesthetic authenticity is not an easy one in a society where the mainstream media and the fashion industry have sold us only very specific body norms and features. In what ways these practices would support a woman's positive body image and mental well-being, or promote "singularity" while they are surrounded by clear and significant beauty standards?

Mental Well-being, In Action

Allocate 2% of P&PPP's revenues as official proceedings towards active and functioning mental health organizations in the US.

Current progress: Working with Verywellmind, TWLOHA, and NAMI; currently the most efficient organizations in the states according to our team's research.
Proceedings kick-off: Q4, 2021.

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POSH&PEPPER wants to accelerate and support local artists, especially women designers and artisans, who have long lacked the proper business exposure and visibility they deserve. This way, we also ensure that our customers, who are ever more conscious about sustainability and ethics, support talent that deserves recognition.

Accelerator, In Action

Through our P&PPP Accelerator, we invest in jewelry artists via financial support, mentorship, manufacturing on-demand (to give life to their ideas and designs), and helping them build sustainable and scalable business models.

Current designers count: 25 designers.
Upcoming plans: Onboarding more designers, hosting and sponsoring women entrepreneurship events and podcasts.

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* Last updated: 09/30/2021