Dina Kamel


      I am Dinah Kamil, a pharmacist, painter, and jewelry designer, always looking for different creative paths to explore, which led me to explore jewelry making and designing. I started my jewelry brand in 2019, by sketching geometric patterns from my paintings to come up with a collection and a signature design for the brand. However, I cannot limit my inspiration to one thing.

      As a simple person, I do find enjoyment in finding an item or style that speaks for itself and would add a bit of an edge to my outfits. I focus on reflecting on that in my jewelry designing.

      Focusing on raw metal designs, At Dinah Kamil, we enjoy creating designs that are bold yet effortless to add to any outfit. Our pieces are boldly designed to display the amount of talent and beauty in the art of handcraftsmanship, to support and celebrate what has now become a forgotten skill amidst the mass-production world we live in.

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