10 Trends to Become the Ultimate Statement Jewelry Diva

10 Trends to Become the Ultimate Statement Jewelry Diva

When it comes to wearing statement jewelry, it’s easier to make mistakes. These attention-grabbing pieces can give you confidence but can also sometimes make one look overdressed. So finding the right balance for these chunky, sparkly pieces is the key to making it work. 

At POSH&PEPPER, we have championed statement jewelry and trends with an eclectic mix of designers and brands that make awe-inspiring pieces. But to make things a little bit easier for you, here are some trends when it comes to buying or wearing statement jewelry pieces. 

Small is the New Big

A misconception regarding statement jewelry is that it always has to be super-sized and chunky. Not every big necklace or ring is a statement piece. It’s more about the essence of the jewelry, the design, and the materials. 

A pair of small stud earrings with many stones or an intricate cutout design can easily qualify as statement jewelry. So if you’re someone who prefers their accessories to be minimalistic, you can go for such statement pieces that are lightweight and small.

Contrasting Textures

One of the most popular trends in statement jewelry that all designers and brands are going crazy with is utilizing contrasting textures. Those could be different textures of the same material, or the contrast could come from using several materials. 

Differing textures add versatility to the jewelry making it compatible with a wide range of colors and looks. In comparison, monochromatic pieces may or may not be as versatile to work with almost every outfit.

Big Stones

Statement jewelry uses a lot of stones, but don’t be afraid to go big with it. Large gemstones are in vogue and something that will be trendy for some time now. 

Stones are easily the most attention-grabbing element of any jewelry piece, with their brilliance, color, and aura. You don’t even have to invest in a precious gemstone, as you can catch with this statement jewelry trend with rhinestones and other simulated stones. 

Try incorporating pieces with multiple stones for an even more mesmerizing look. Go for emeralds, sapphires, and onyx stones that are always fashionable and loved by all.

Focus on the Story

Statement jewelry isn’t just about the flashy stones or the elaborate designs. You’ll often find these pieces to have a theme or a story in the backdrop that showcases the inspiration behind them. 

To express yourself and compliment your personal style, you should go for pieces that are essentially very you. In the end, you’re trying to stand out from the crowd, and for that, you need something expressive. 

Many statement jewelry makers use exquisite materials while others focus on the technique, such as using traditional crafts to promote local artisans. Find out where the pieces come from, what inspired them, and what makes them unique!

Abstract Shapes

When in doubt, go with abstract patterns and shapes in jewelry. It’s a huge contemporary jewelry trend that many designers are dabbling with. The thing about abstract jewelry is that even a minimalistic piece would add a dramatic effect to your overall look. 

These pieces stand out effortlessly and work with both casual and formal looks. So not only are these strong statement makers but also incredibly versatile. Now, that’s a winner!


Another way to express yourself through jewelry is to use pieces with symbols and designs with deeper meanings. It could be something as simple as a peace sign or as personal as a zodiac sign. These symbols and icons serve different purposes in jewelry as they reflect on the wearer’s personality. 

But since we’re focusing on statement jewelry here, these symbols need to be big, bold, and shiny. Minimalism won’t do much here, so go with stone-encrusted pieces made with shiny metals that will take their breath away everywhere you go.

Signet Rings

For a long time, signet rings were men’s way to make a statement and worn by kings, court-men, and philosophers. However, with the gender-bending trends of the modern era, these rings have become women’s favorite as well. And they are all the rage these days!

Gone are the days when those huge rings that covered half your hand were a thing. Today, simple, yet striking signet rings are making waves. Why? Well, they look luxurious with a lot of material used in their construction. The engravings add a personalized touch, making them unique for the wearer.

Stacking the Right Way

Don’t own any statement earrings, necklaces, or bracelets? No problem! You can use stacking to turn out unique styles that create a strong statement on their own. 

The easiest thing to stack are necklaces, but you need to use contrasting sizes and materials. If one necklace has a sleek chain, go with a slightly bigger one for the second. Throw in some pearls if you will. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little. 

The same goes for bracelets, as you can stack multiple bracelets on your wrists. But the magic doesn’t lie in the number but the individual bracelets themselves, so choose your best ones. We believe three is a good number to create a statement ensemble of bracelets, but if you’re going for a boho-chic aesthetic, add one or two more.

Unconventional Materials

Metals and gemstones still rule the jewelry world, but now unconventional materials are also making their way. Such materials are often common in statement jewelry because of their out-of-the-box nature. 

We are talking about rattan, reused plastic bottles, glass, tin cans, or sand!

Sustainable Designs

Believe it or not, sustainable jewelry is becoming a beloved trend as women worldwide become more conscious of their choices. Many sustainable brands have popped up over the years using recycled materials and hiring local talent to produce intricate pieces. 

When wearing such pieces, you’re making a statement about going green and motivating people to think about the planet. Can there be a stronger statement to express than that given our climate situation?

Wrap Up

With these trends, you will always be the outstanding woman in the room. Everyone has a unique taste and such tastes are represented by these statement pieces. So next time you’re confused about this type of jewelry, go with these trends, and you won’t go wrong.