What we buy and who we buy from matters more than ever! As conscious citizens of the world, our customers want to buy from brands with integrity and a drive for the common good.

In an increasingly interconnected world, what we buy and who we buy from matters more than ever. Our consumers are wanting more than just product, they want to invest into brands with a pulse. They are buying with integrity to support the greater good, using their wallets like they’re casting their ballots, supporting brands like candidates.


To make luxury accessible, POSH&PEPPER is on the constant hunt for the most exciting independent brands and budding emerging designers hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds across the globe to sell directly to you.

- Without the 8-10X insane markups of traditional retailers.
- Without any unnecessary middleman fees.
- Without any dubious workplace practices.
- 100% responsibly and sustainably sourced.

Because we can't put a price tag on love, and we LOVE jewelry.


We vet and challenge our entire supply chain ecosystem, from designers, to sourcing and manufacturing to branding and communications, to mitigate impact on the environment, support and empower our partners and give back to our community.

To do this for the long-term, we require full transparency across all of our activities, including where all the materials come from, how they were processed, the working conditions the pieces were made in, and our overall contribution to climate change.

POSH&PEPPER supports you, celebrates you, and applauds you crossing your own barriers and expressing yourself, whichever way you want to.

There should be NO beauty standards
Femininity and masculinity are OURS to define
Every human is SINGULAR and beautiful in their own unique way
Mental WELL-BEING is 100 times more important than looks
Each human body is SACRED and should never be labeled

Meet the team behind POSH&PEPPER.