POSH&PEPPER is built for budding designers and brands from near and far to showcase their original ideas while also supporting local artists and stretching their businesses. With a unique blend of homegrown and international designers, our platform believes in using jewelry to promote mental well-being and body positivity as a way to embrace your singular physical aesthetics.

You are singular, beautiful, and free. Every human is. That is what POSH&PEPPER is all about; a modern marketplace for individuals like you to find something that feels like it is made just for them and no one else.

With our expert curators and their unwavering commitment to finding the best of the best, this is the one-stop solution for our modern youth. From classic, timeless designs to thematic artwork, there is something for everyone.


"It's something that's really fun to do. It's a family business."

In an endeavor to create accessible luxury, two cousins with diverse experiences came together to found POSH&PEPPER in July 2020. Esra Ghozlan and Yassin Abdelrahman dreamt of creating an exclusive platform that curates and promotes jewelry designers and brands worldwide.

Yassin deals with the business side of things with his extensive agency background, working with multinational clients and award-winning projects, including a Clio Award in NY in 2018. His business acumen is balanced by Ghozlan’s cosmetic retail background, taking on operations and logistics duties and being responsible for onboarding new designers and brands, ensuring they align with POSH&PEPPER's DNA.