I am Menna Hamza, an artist, passionate traveler, and jewelry designer. I decided to mix all these passions together to build my own jewelry brand: Menna Hamza Jewellery.

      I graduated from Fine Arts in 2011 with a dream to launch my own jewelry brand. What I do in MHJ is that I start discovering different cultures and study more about them.

      MHJ launched in October 2011. The main concept behind MHJ is mixing different cultures together in an artistic piece of jewelry for today's extraordinary woman. Menna works hard to create very individual and unique designs, and each piece in MHJ is part of a big story she is telling through design. It's the story of humans! We are all part of it, we are all different, raised in different places with different cultures, but we always have a lot in common, and that's what Menna Hamza wants to spread.

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